We want life in our homes to be as active and engaging as you want it to be. Our daily activities programme is designed to stimulate, engage and entertain those residents who wish to join in. We encourage friends and families to join in too. From day one our activity co-ordinators and carers spend time getting to know the things you like to do. They will help you keep up the things you love and if you fancy trying something new, they will help with that too.

Our activity programmes are designed around three core elements:

  • Activities for the individual: these may include, pottering in the garden, doing the crossword, a chat over coffee or helping with the housework.
  • Activities for people with similar interests: clubs are formed by groups of residents who enjoy doing something together, knitting, arts & crafts, walking groups, exercise and reminiscing.
  • Monthly events: these may include coffee mornings, fund raising, festive celebrations, entertainers or visiting animals.


Links to the Community

It is extremely important that our residents and homes maintain a link with the local community. This includes local churches, local schools, brownie & scout groups and local history clubs to name a few.

Each home has its own programme of activities and events. The list is too long and varied to show here. We will however show dates of some upcoming events, such as outside entertainers, coffee mornings, open days, summer fete and Christmas parties.

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